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Established in 2012, Xiamen Magnetic North Technology Co., Ltd integrates R&D, manufacturing and sales. Magnetic North focuses on the development of the intelligent transportation systems. We provides competitive products in intelligent public transportation, passenger transport, school buses, slag dump trucks, freight transport, and other industries. The company meets ISO9001, TS16949, high-tech enterprise and other qualifications. Successful projects of our company are around the Africa, Europe, Asia, and other regions, and our solutions are widely used in many capital of Southeast Asia and the Middle East. As a company which takes talents and technological innovation as the driving power, we continuously update products and solutions, try our best to provide stable, reliable and leading technologies and products for the industry.

31 -05-2021

Wu Guoliang, deputy director of Xiamen Ocean Development Bureau, Zhang Nong, director of the secretariat of Xiamen Southern Ocean Research Center, and Wu Jinli and his party came to investigate the situation of the Magnetic North Marine Internet of Things project.

May 27 on the line, Xiamen City Bureau of Ocean Development Deputy Director Wu Guoliang, Xiamen Southern Marine Research Center Secretariat Director Zhang Nong, Wu Jinli and his entourage visited on the magnetic north marine Internet of things project situation research. Magnetic North Technology is a high-tech manufacturing enterprise dedicated to the field of marine Internet of Things, which was invested by Xiamen Oceanic Bureau and founded in September 2020, and this project is a project of Xiamen Investment Management Information Platform. Magnetic North Company integrates design, research and development, production and sales, and as a marine-related equipment manufacturer and overall solution provider, develops marine-related cold chain logistics systems, shipboard monitoring systems and other solutions, and is widely used in the field of marine Internet of things and shipboard cold chain logistics. The project independently develops and manufactures cold chain container monitoring and analysis system, wirelessly transmits and analyzes multiple parameters of the collected cold chain containers through AIOT technology, edge computing, cloud and fog computing technology, and provides SaaS services based on AI technology to customers, and reaches bulk sales by promoting products and services to container manufacturers, service providers and owners. This project is a high-tech marine equipment project, its successful development and smooth promotion, can complete the import substitution, change the current field by foreign technology companies and foreign shipping companies monopoly of the unfavorable situation. This project is a major contribution to the construction of Xiamen as a \\\"pilot city for cross-strait cold chain logistics industry cooperation\\\", \\\"demonstration city for standardization of cold chain circulation of agricultural products\\\" and \\\"pilot city for innovation and development of modern logistics\\\". The project has a significant role in promoting the goal of Xiamen City, breaking the current status quo of this product mainly dominated by European and American technology enterprises. The product of this project is a marine technology and equipment project, which will have a huge promotion effect on the marine electronic information industry chain in Xiamen and the West China Sea region after promotion. In addition, in the current situation that the new coronavirus pneumonia can be widely spread through the cold chain food and packaging, it can effectively assist in strengthening the cold chain food prevention and traceability, and has high social benefits. After listening to the introduction of the project in charge of Magnetic North, Deputy Director Wu Guoliang spoke highly of the progress of the project, especially pointing out that this product fills the gap in China and replaces foreign products and related solutions. Cold chain container logistics monitoring and analysis system for marine environment monitoring and protection, for the whole chain monitoring of dangerous goods transportation, to avoid potential environmental hazards. The whole chain of the system\\s full paperless information exchange reduces the damage to the forest. Meanwhile, the refrigerant leakage of cold chain container refrigeration unit can be monitored in time, which can effectively protect the marine environment. The cold chain container logistics monitoring and analysis system provides cold chain container logistics and provides application demonstration based on AI and IOT technology to improve the technology level of our cold chain container logistics and provide customers with highly valuable value-added services. Translated with (free version)


Automatic Fare Collection solution

With the expansion of urban scale and economic development, the demand of urban residents for better travel conditions, especially the convenience of public transportation (public transportation such as buses, coaches, etc.) is becoming more and more urgent, the current method of payment in paper currency reduces the experience of travel and payment efficiency, and also causes waste of time and money due to counterfeit/damaged tickets. Paperless payment has become an urgent need. The solution supports contactless IC card, cell phone NFC, WeChat, Alipay, bank card, credit card and other payment methods to meet the needs of passengers in many aspects of electronic payment, and the payment management background can realize rich report statistics and clearing, making the bus company\s operation more efficient and cost-saving clearing.


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